Is your Spouse Gay?

Is your spouse Gay?

Is your Spouse Gay?

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With increasing frequency, our office is contacted by spouses with suspicions wondering the answer to the question, in their spouse gay? After a thorough covert surveillance investigation, it often turns out that it was not just their imagination. It is becoming more common and spouses of gay men or women are often the last to know about the dual deception of their mates. You must disregard the old stereotype of a middle aged man going through a mid life crisis who starts chasing his secretary and buys a red Corvette. In fact, we have found a new sexual proclivity has evolved tremendously in marriages with women and men equally vulnerable.

Whether lesbian, gay or bisexual, individuals who married straight spouses often successfully hide their sexual proclivities for many years. In fact, it has been estimated that approximately twenty percent (20%) of gay men are currently in a heterosexual marriage, and nationwide approximately fifty percent (50%) of all gay men have fathered children.

What can you do to discover if your spouse is gay, lesbian or bisexual? Certainly the most direct approach is an open, honest and non-judgmental discussion. Talk to your spouse and express your concerns and fears. This is of course the best approach, but if there is reticence on the part of either party, you might want to contact a marriage counselor for advice. In the alternative, Top Gun Investigations has experienced investigators who can provide you with the answers you need.

How do you know if your spouse is gay?

Often, the following signs are considered indicators, or “red flags” of a gay spouse:

♦ Manner of dress, talk and walk

♦ Hanging out with same sex friends

♦ Preference for anal sex

♦ Erectile disfunction

♦ Watching porn

♦ Overt homophobic behavior

♦ Being evasive or secretive

But not so fast my friends…don’t jump to conclusions because the above indicators are typical behavior traits of heterosexual individuals. This is why determining the sexual inclination of your spouse can be so difficult. Typically, the only way to get absolute, concrete facts is through a comprehensive, covert surveillance investigation.

Ask yourself if the following statements relate to your relationship:

♦ S/he refuses to see a marriage counselor with me.

♦ I feel trapped, stifled or disconnected.

♦ There is little, or no sexual intimacy anymore.

♦ The negativity between us has increased.

♦ We always seem to be picking at each other.

♦ The lack of trust has me spying on my spouse.

Is your Spouse Gay? Get the Answers you need

Regardless of what your spouses’ sexual orientation is, if any of these statements describe your marriage, you might have some decisions to make. Primarily, do you want to remain in a marriage where there is so little trust and your spouse does not appear to care if the marriage lasts? If you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, you may need to proceed with your eyes wide open and consider following a new path. Most people simply know in their hearts when it’s time to move on. But you may need to know, Is your spouse gay?

The stress and uncertainty due to the ever increasing emotional “disconnect” often makes your life unbearable. What can you do to find out for sure? You should consider hiring a private investigator. Covert surveillance is the only way to ascertain the truth, one way or the other regarding your suspicions.

You should not fear the truth, this situation is not as uncommon as most people think. Even if we discover that your spouse is likely gay, most of our clients have survived the truth. In fact, the truth often resolves many years of frustration and anxiety and allows couples to continue with a lasting, close relationship with their gay spouse particularly when there are children involved. In fact, when asked the question “is your spouse gay?”, 41% of spouses said they would remain married to a gay or bisexual spouse.

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