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There are limitless types of wiretaps, audio & video bugs that can be used to illegally eavesdrop on your most secret business and personal conversations. Many people are intrigued by the “sexy” reputation of covert, spy devices. However, the actual damage they cause to businesses and governments annually is catastrophic. Make no mistake, because of the availability of inexpensive devices, the viability of your business and the sanctity of your personal privacy are at risk. At Top Gun Investigations, our experience, training and equipment will help protect you from an illegal wiretap.

For several reasons, a wiretap is the preferred method of stealing intelligence. It requires tapping into a carrier current wire or other conductor that is used for communication. Telephone lines, cables, LAN networks and alarm systems are often targeted. The primary goal of a wiretap is to secure high quality information and minimize to possibility of being detected. Remember radiated signals are easily detected, wiretaps require much more extensive equipment and training to detect.

There are 4 primary categories of “Wiretap”:

HARDWIRED WIRETAP – A set of wires attached to an “isolation” or “slave” device is attached to an existing wire that a signal travels on. The signal can then be intercepted or bridged bank to a secure location. When found, this device is easily traced back to the listening post. These taps are very popular with law enforcement but not usually within the ability of the typical eavesdropper.

SOFT WIRETAP – This requires a modification to the phone system software through the telephone company or a business PBX. It is the preferred method of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, larger corporations and hackers who have the ability to access maintenance software. These can be found on a business PBX board, but it a very lengthy and tedious process. They are also easily discovered through the phone company but it requires unfettered access to their computers which is extremely difficult for anyone other than law enforcement to obtain.

RECORDING WIRETAP – This is quite simplistic and is simply a tape recorder hard wired into the phone line and the tapes must be switched out regularly. It is very easy to find with a professional TSCM inspection. This is a favorite of the amateur spies and private investigators but many are caught as they are attempting to service their illegal recorder. Although digital recorders have replaced tapes, they still require someone to show up to retrieve the data.

TRANSMITTING WIRETAP – This type of bug is an RF (radio frequency) transmitter typically containing a mini microphone that is connected to a carrier current wire. These are very popular taps, but due to the RF energy produced, they are easily detected by an experienced TSCM bug sweep specialist with the proper equipment.

If they are properly installed it is difficult to detect wiretaps without a high level of experience and training. There are many private investigators who claim to provide TSCM services. However, it is impossible to find any surreptitious device with a cheap spy shop bug detector. That requires extremely sophisticated and expensive laboratory grade instruments operated by professionally trained technicians like those at Top Gun Investigations.

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If you have any concerns that your business or personal privacy is under attack from covert eavesdropping, call Top Gun Investigations today. Our experts can answer your questions and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

We have the laboratory grade, technologically advanced equipment necessary to professionally perform any TSCM services. We are experienced in providing TSCM, bug sweeps and counter surveillance investigations for a wide range of clients from large corporation board rooms and offices to the average residential home and vehicle.

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