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Do you or your business have the potential to increase another’s wealth, power or influence? If the answer is yes, you are a potential target for illegal eavesdropping and should carefully pay attention to the Warning Signs of Covert Bugs. The use of covert electronic audio and video bugs is to the point where it is almost commonplace.

Below is a non inclusive list of Warning Signs of Covert Bugs that should alert you to the possibility of some kind of surreptitious eavesdropping device. If you have any concerns, you should call Top Gun Investigations immediately for some free, confidential advice. Please do not call us from your own phone. Use a sterile phone at an offsite location so that we can arrange for a technician to get to your location as quickly and quietly as possible.

The following are just a few of the Warning Signs of Covert Bugs that should prompt you to call Top Gun Investigations in Florida to perform a TSCM Inspection:

  •  Others seem to know your confidential business or trade secrets: This type of theft is one of the most common and is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry.
  • People just seem to know too much about your private or business activities: Do you want competitors to know your designs or project quotes?
  • You noticed strange sounds or volume changes on your phone lines: It could be just a flaw in the line, or it could indicate an amateur job but can be Warning Signs of Covert Bugs. A professional would never place any device that would leave any sounds, but it should be checked out.
  • You held a private meeting, but people seem to know what was discussed: High level meetings, mergers and bids are prime targets for illegal eavesdropping. The spies are determined to steal your designs, takeover plans strategies and client lists.
  • Your monthly revenue stream has unexpectedly gone down: Perhaps your CPA tells you that the monthly $50,000-$60,000 you have routinely been seeing has only been in the $15,000 to $20,000 range for the past several months. Your “bottom line” is where any internal corporate espionage will be detected first.
  • There has been a burglary at your office or home but nothing was taken: Although there may not be any obvious evidence of a break in, professional corporate spies often uses this technique to place covert devices. Furniture or objects “slightly” out of place might give you the feeling that something is just not right.
  • Inspect all wall plates such as switches, outlets, thermostats, alarms: These are very common locations for carrier current “parasitic” audio devices to be placed. Look for a plate or screws to be slightly moved, or hints of dust or debris on the floor all of which can be Warning Signs of Covert Bugs.
  • Small “Dime Sized” discoloration on the wall or ceiling: This can be evidence that a hidden pinhole audio or video device was recently installed.
  • New or unexplained items appear in your office or home: Look for lamps, pens, picture frames, staplers, clocks, sprinkler heads, power strips, exit signs, etc. All of these items and many more have been utilized to plant covert “Trojan Horse” eavesdropping devices.
  • Without being called, various “repair” people suddenly appear to do work: Common contrived “outages” such as air conditioning, electricity, telephones or plumbing issues are commonly used. Once inside, they tend to the problem and also install hidden bugs
  • Utility service trucks or workers are spending a lot of time nearby: According to a training course by U.S. State Department, you should not see the same or similar vehicles more than 3 times in a short period of time. Actual workers typically arrive, fix the problem and move on to their next appointment.
  • The door lock suddenly sticks, or can’t be opened at all: This is an indicator that the lock may have been picked. Most key locks can easily be picked in a matter of seconds with a readily available “bump key”. As a general rule, although susceptible to picking, we believe biaxial locks such as Medeco with security sidebars is one of the more secure manual key locks available.
  • Acoustical ceiling tiles chipped, cracked or ajar: You may also notice some dust on the floor or your desk. These can be Warning Signs of Covert Bugs planted by an amateur or poorly trained eavesdropper should never be present in your office. If you notice anything like these indicators, you should immediately call for a TSCM inspection to ascertain whether any covert bugs have been installed.


Anyone can be targeted for covert eavesdropping. However, some are at a greater risk due to financial position, occupation and legal or domestic situation. Anyone who has money, power, influence or access to sensitive business or personal information is at risk and should be aware of the Warning Signs of Covert Bugs.

At Top Gun Investigations, we have extensive experience in Counter Surveillance and electronic bug sweeps. We are one of the very few agencies that have the laboratory grade, technologically advanced equipment necessary to professionally perform TSCM services. We also have the only dual licensed investigator-attorney in the state whose courtroom experience is crucial in the event your case develops to where a lawsuit and subsequent trial results. Call Top Gun Investigations at 813-902-0420 or 833-902-0420 to discuss the Warning Signs of Covert Bugs or for a free, confidential case analysis. Because what you don’t know…CAN hurt you!

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