How To Spot A Cheating Spouse

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How To Spot A Cheating Spouse


How do you know? What are the signs?  There are many signs that usually indicate your spouse is cheating.  National studies have shown that if you have suspicions that your spouse is cheating you’re usually right.  To be able to sleep through the night again you need to confirm one way or the other if they are being unfaithful.  Contacting an experienced, licensed private investigator in Tampa can provide you with the answers you need.

Signs of Infidelity

It makes no difference if it is the male or female in the relationship, there are definite signs exhibited by cheaters including at a minimum:

  • Quickly deleting texts and email messages on their cell phone
  • Unknown numbers on their cell phone
  • They start doing their own laundry
  • They may have lost weight or joined a gym
  • Their clothes smell of perfume, cologne, or sex
  • They have a decreased sexual interest
  • They have an increased sexual interest
  • They have an increased use of Erectile Dysfunction medication
  • They show a desire for new and unusual sexual positions or acts
  • They leave the room to talk on their cell phone
  • The mileage on their car does not match up with the stated destinations
  • You find credit card receipts for gifts or other purchases that you did not receive
  • You find credit card receipts for gas in unusual locations

Of course this is not an exhaustive list of possible indications of cheating.  Be honest and objective in evaluating all of their different behaviors and don’t make excuses for them.  You have legitimate questions that you need answered.  These signs together with all those little lies and your natural, gut feelings add up to a giant, potentially marriage killing problem. When a client has reasons to suspect cheating, we have found that they are right almost all the time.

Hope for the best, but expect deception and lies because they have to lie to keep you in the dark.   Always trust your gut instinct and let an experienced infidelity investigator get the concrete proof you need.  Although it might be painful to find out the truth, you will never have any peace of mind until your questions are answered one way or the other.

Our firm has the only dual licensed professional investigator/Attorney in the state.  Under his guidance all of our investigators are fully apprised of the evidence needed in these cases and are qualified to testify as expert witnesses should you need to go to trial.

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