How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

How to catch a cheating spouse

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse


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Once you realize that there are countless opportunities for any spouse to cheat, you will see the need to consult with an experienced Tampa private investigator to develop an effective strategy to catch the cheating spouse in the act. We often find that the cheater, has been cheating for many months and sometimes even years. You should schedule a confidential consultation with a professional cheating spouse private investigator in Tampa to provide the answers to all your troubling, gut wrenching questions about your spouse.

Catching a cheating spouse, partner or significant other requires the skills of an experienced private investigation firm. Cheaters in any relationship develop great skill in hiding their illicit behavior. The professional cheating spouse investigators at Top Gun Investigations in Tampa have solved hundreds of cases involving all manner of infidelity.

When do I know I should hire a Cheating Spouse Investigator?

As a Tampa private investigator, emotionally distraught people call us daily with concerns that their significant other may be cheating. Your entire future may depend on the truth so you should never be afraid or embarrassed to pursue answers to your concerns. It is perfectly normal to want to confirm if you are in a strong, trusting relationship. Hopefully, at the end of our investigation you will discover that your fears were unfounded.  Either way, you will have the answers to all your nagging questions.

Will my spouse find out I hired a Cheating Spouse Investigator?

In virtually every cheating spouse case, the subject never knew they were under surveillance unless presented with the evidence after the investigation. Some clients just want the proof and never give the evidence to the cheater, preferring to try to save the relationship. It is purely a personal decision what the client does with the results of our investigation. Probably the most difficult thing to do is NEVER confront them if you suspect cheating. That only puts them on high alert and raises their degree of caution making it more difficult to get to the truth.   As a Tampa private investigator, our licensed investigators will get the evidence necessary to prove their behavior one way or the other. If we don’t find proof of cheating, you will at least have the answers you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

The Infidelity Surveillance Process

We have several experienced surveillance professionals including former law enforcement and federal agents.   Our cheating spouse investigators utilize a wide range of methods and techniques in conducting both static and mobile surveillance. Success is often affected by factors including traffic congestion, time of day, weather and type of vehicle. Sometimes it may require a second, or even a third agent to allow us to keep a safe distance while minimizing the chance of losing, or being “burned” by the subject. The art of covert surveillance can be only be successfully executed by an experienced, trained cheating spouse team of Tampa private investigators working the case.


Cheaters in any relationship almost always share the same universal behaviors. If you observe the following suspicious behaviors you should consider contacting Top Gun Investigations in Tampa to for a confidential consultation to discuss your concerns in greater detail.

The following list indicates common behaviors of a possible cheater:

  • Suspected cheater shows decreased (or increased) sexual interest
  • Suspected cheater shows a desire for new and unusual sexual positions or acts
  • Suspected cheater shows an increased use of Erectile Dysfunction drugs
  • Suspected cheater meets with co-workers and attends business gatherings without you
  • Suspected cheater immediately deletes texts and email messages when you are near
  • Suspected cheater has unknown phone numbers on their cell phone
  • Suspected cheater does not return routine phone calls from you while at work
  • Suspected cheater leaves the room to talk on the phone when you are near
  • Suspected cheater uses the computer alone or late at night after you go to bed
  • Suspected cheater’s mileage on the car does not match up with the stated destinations
  • Suspected cheater’s clothes smell of perfume, cologne, or even sex
  • Suspected cheater’s clothes have makeup or lipstick smudges that is not your brand
  • Suspected cheater suddenly starts doing their own laundry
  • Suspected cheater has credit card receipts for gifts that you did not receive
  • Suspected cheater has credit card receipts for gas purchases in unusual locations
  • Suspected cheater is suddenly using mostly cash instead of credit cards


What should I do to get the answers I need?

If you are in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater or anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, Call a licensed Private Investigator at Top Gun Investigations  at 813-902-0420 for a free, confidential cheating spouse  case evaluation or email for more information. Our consultations are always free, and we will work with you to devise the best strategy for your specific cheating spouse case.

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Because what you don’t know… CAN hurt you!!