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As Private Investigators, suicide investigations are the most serious type of work we perform.  We understand the heartache of the unexpected loss of a family member or close friend.  It is a very sad and trying time when family and friends learn that a loved one is deceased.  Particularly when the deceased is relatively young and healthy, there is an understandable feeling of disbelief and shock.  When those same family and friends learn that the deceased has committed suicide, confusion is also added to the mix of emotions.

Although law enforcement typically conducts a thorough investigation, family members often initiate their own inquiries and contact those involved including but not limited to police, medical examiner and treating physicians.  It is at this point that an experienced private investigation firm is contacted to look into the death.   This is where the professional Private Investigators come in to perform a comprehensive review of all medical records, the cause of death and conduct forensic analysis of phones and computers, interviews of friends, witnesses, pathologists, EMT’s and more.

In our experience at Top Gun Investigations in Tampa, the most frequent suicide investigations are usually performed at the request of insurers and are not conducted by police, family or friends.  This is because in the event of a suicide, the insurance company is usually not required to pay benefits to the victim.  Our goal is to objectively review all of the details surrounding the victim’s life and death, and evaluating whether the facts obtained in the investigation helps eliminate the family’s suspicions.  Our investigators are experienced at conducting a comprehensive suicide investigation to assist in determining if the cause of death was most likely suicide, accidental or a homicide.

If you have questions about the passing of a loved one, know that time is of the essence in suicide investigations.  Call Top Gun Investigations today at 813-902-0420 or email us at for a free confidential case analysis with a licensed Tampa Private Investigator.   Let us provide the answers you need and the peace of mind you deserve.


About the author:

Mark J. Aubin is both a professional investigator and practicing attorney.  He owns Top Gun Investigations, a Florida based, international investigative services firm specializing in suicide investigations, with an advanced knowledge of the laws pertaining to the legal applications of evidence gathered from suicide investigations.


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