Online Scammers Prey on Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens fal victim to Online Scammers

Online Scammers Prey on Senior Citizens


Online Scammers Prey on Senior Citizens


Did you ever think you might need a private investigator to provide the research and information needed to protect yourself or your loved ones, particularly senior citizens from Online Scammers?  You certainly should.

Dating websites are becoming very popular and are providing fertile ground for online scammers and other predators.  They are often criminals from Nigeria and other foreign countries targeting lonely American men and women. Increasingly, these thieves are focusing on the growing senior citizen population.  They are relentless, crafty and extremely convincing in the pursuit of their vulnerable and trusting prey.

In just the past 6 months of 2014, Washington based AARP estimated more than $80 million dollars was lost to on-line romance scams. The FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center states that approximately 30% of those targeted by these online scammers are women 50 years of age and older. This demographic accounted for more than 51% of all financial losses by online scammers in on-line romance scams. However, men are just as vulnerable to these online scammers and fall prey to their scams in alarming numbers.

How does this happen? It begins innocently enough through casual communication and multiple texts over time, and often progresses to include flowers or other small gifts.  The predator might represent that they are from another part of the country and work for a prominent company.  After several weeks or months, when they believe trust has been established, the online scammers ask for some money because they want to start their own business or to help a sick child or relative…and too often, the victim agrees.

How do you protect your family members from the dangers lurking on-line from online scammers? First, be aware of their dating website activity. If you have any concerns about the participation of a loved one, or the people they may be interacting with, consider contacting an licensed private investigator. These criminals often use fake photos and personal history to fool their targets. In Tampa, Top Gun Investigations will conduct a comprehensive background search to confirm they are who they say they are and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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