Illegal Eavesdropping | Florida

Illegal Eavesdropping | Florida

Illegal Eavesdropping | Florida

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Because what you don’t know… CAN hurt you!!


With ever increasing frequency, Illegal Eavesdropping devices are bought online from China, Korea, Japan, Israel and numerous other countries. This illegal activity is so prevalent because of the incredible financial rewards. The production and monitoring of this Illegal Eavesdropping equipment is a multi-billion dollar industry, and is estimated to be more than $100 million per year in the United States alone.

Most of these bugging products are sold on line but also from storefront operations and spy shops that have seemingly popped up on every corner across the country. They often sell for less than a hundred dollars and are typically very flimsy and unreliable. High quality equipment similar to that used by law enforcement can also be purchased but costs anywhere from several hundred to several thousands of dollars. There are literally thousands of companies now selling this Illegal Eavesdropping equipment worldwide.

Also, anyone with even a basic understanding of electronics can design and build an Illegal Eavesdropping device. The materials are easily obtained at numerous electronic and big box stores, or salvaged from cordless telephones, intercom systems, and televisions.

Federal and local law enforcement agencies readily admit that they lack the resources, equipment and training to enforce or properly investigate technical security threats due to Illegal Eavesdropping. Virtually all law enforcement agencies lack the ability to even perform illegal bug sweeps in an office, home or vehicle. Technical surveillance and industrial/corporate espionage is a serious problem which often has a life altering, devastating impact on your business and your personal privacy and security.


If you are concerned about corporate espionage, Illegal Eavesdropping or wiretapping you should contact the TSCM experts at Top Gun Investigations for a free, confidential consultation. After discussing your concerns, we will schedule a preliminary TSCM inspection or comprehensive “Bug Sweep” of your business, home and vehicle. Remember, do not use a phone affiliated with you. Be sure to contact us from off site with a sterile phone and understand that it is critical we should get a qualified expert technician to your location as quietly, and as quickly as possible.

Top Gun Investigations offers technical counterintelligence and engineering services including the following:

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • TSCM Inspections
  • Full TSCM Bug & Wiretap Sweeps
  • In-Place Monitoring (IPM)
  • Periodic Monitoring Program (PMP)
  • TSCM Pre-construction Assistance


Vulnerability Analysis (Threat Assessment) – A formal vulnerability analysis or threat assessment should always be performed in advance of any TSCM sweep. The TSCM specialist will visit the facility to identify and document weaknesses regarding ingress, egress, locks, doors, alarms, fence lines, perimeter and interior video cameras, telephone systems, network, and computer security. A summary report on the vulnerability analysis detailing specific issues that need to be addressed and corrected where indicated is provided. Further, this type of inspection and resulting documentation provides ownership and senior management with documentary evidence of complying with their Due Diligence responsibilities.

The primary purpose of a vulnerability analysis is to answer the following questions:

  • Who would want to spy on us?
  • What information are they looking for?
  • Where are we most vulnerable?
  • When are we most vulnerable?
  • How could they attack us?
  • Are we as secure as we think?

It’s a waste of time and money to have any TSCM services performed without first having a careful vulnerability analysis or Illegal Eavesdropping threat assessment completed.

TSCM Inspection – This is where a team of TSCM technicians perform an evaluation (not involving testing equipment) of a sensitive facility. This can take as little as a couple of hours and is designed to determine current physical security measures. The TSCM team will advise as to any additional security required to protect against technical penetration or unaided audio leakage.

Full TSCM Bug Sweep – A team of technicians will conduct a comprehensive electronic, visual, and physical examination of a sensitive facility using laboratory grade instruments to determine if the area is free of technical penetrations and to detect technical security hazards and weaknesses.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) includes all countermeasures employed to prevent or detect the interception of sensitive, classified, or private information. TSCM is typically an inspection by a team including experienced technicians a physical item or place such as a briefcase, vehicle, office, home or boat. The search is designed to locate possible covert surveillance devices (bugs), wiretaps, technical security weakness, and technical security hazards. A TSCM specialist will also evaluate for weaknesses of all locks, alarms, and other systems of physical and electronic security or controls.

We typically perform a full TSCM sweep for attorneys, corporate executives, celebrities and a variety of businesses. Every wire in a suspected area is surveyed for any type of covert carrier current (parasitic) audio or video device and special equipment is used to search for covert devices transmitting on the airwaves. A comprehensive, detailed physical search is the cornerstone of any TSCM sweep. The normal process is to conduct the RF search, than the wire and conductor check, followed by a detailed physical search to identify any signs of Illegal Eavesdropping.

IN-PLACE Monitoring (IPM) – This is utilized for high level secure meetings such as corporate meetings, Board of Directors meetings and other high security events. Top Gun will complete a full TSCM sweep and physical inspection prior to the event and then perform monitoring during the ongoing event.

PERIODIC Monitoring Program (PMP) – This is an ongoing program that provides varying degrees of future monitoring of the facility including internet security, periodic vulnerability analysis and full TSCM sweeps. These are scheduled at intervals that can be monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually according to the client’s needs. Of course, we always remain available and “on-call” to our clients on an as needed basis should any concerns develop unexpectedly.

TSCM Pre-construction Analysis – A service conducted by TSCM personnel during the planning stages of new construction. Pre-construction is an opportunity to evaluate the security needs of the business and develop a detailed security plan to prevent Illegal Eavesdropping. This can save an enormous amount of money by implementing and assimilating comprehensive security into the structure of the building during the construction process.

In closing, countless investigators and agencies in Florida are advertising TSCM and Illegal Eavesdropping detection services. Remember that Illegal Eavesdropping is a highly technical area that requires extensive training and experience. The necessary equipment is extremely complex and very expensive to where a minimum investment of $30,000 to $100,000 or more is required. Be sure to make some inquires about these facts before hiring anyone who offers to perform a bug sweep for you. You will most likely find that virtually most private investigators lack the necessary training, experience and equipment to perform the work.


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Because what you don’t know… CAN hurt you!!


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