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Cyber Bullying on Social Media

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Because what you don’t know… CAN hurt you!!

Cyber Bullying & Social Media 

Make no mistake…Cyber Bullying is social terrorism by technology and is just as dangerous!  Cyber bullies (social media terrorists) use a variety of methods including texts, emails, cell phone and instant messaging to spread their hate.  Particularly for most young, school aged females the threat of being bullied through social media is almost guaranteed.  At Top Gun Investigations in Tampa, we receive inquiries almost daily from parents of minors and adult victims who are devastated and desperate for help in stopping the attacks.  It is not only individuals that are being victimized, all types of businesses are susceptible as well.

Obviously, cyber bullying has numerous negative results including depression, lowered self-esteem, the overall feeling of being powerless and in the worst cases suicidal thoughts and attempts.  Cyber bullying is easy because the cowardly bully never comes face to fact with their victims.  They think that it is impossible to track them down because they are completely anonymous.  They are wrong!

Cyber Bullying Statistics

According to a recent National Crime Victimization Survey, almost 45% of young girls and approximately 28% of boys have been victims of cyber bullying.  The methodology is different based on gender with girls posting mean, hurtful comments and boys more likely to post hurtful photos or videos.  The following statistics for children age 12 – 18 are frightening:

90% have seen mean or cruel statements on social media

80% have personally been cyber bullied to some extent

20% have been cyber bullied once or twice each month

5% have been cyber bullied once or twice each week

4% have been cyber bullied almost every day

Steps to Combat Cyber Bullying

First, NEVER respond to any threatening or harassing posts.  Next, contact a Private Investigator at Top Gun Investigations in Tampa to discuss the situation with experienced cyber bully investigation professionals.  Always take the following steps:

– If the harassment is on Facebook, Do NOT report it to the website as that may impact the investigators ability to take appropriate action.

– If you are being attacked by texts, Make sure to write down or screen shot the texts and phone number. Do NOT block the number. You can then take the information to your provider and the police.

– If the attacks are posted online or by email, make sure to print the posts in hard copy

and then delete them.

– If there are nude photos, NEVER respond or forward them to anyone.  You could end up with criminal charges because it is a criminal act to transmit nude photos online.  Even if it is your boyfriend or girlfriend, they WILL end up going viral!

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About the author:

Mark J. Aubin is both a professional investigator and practicing attorney.  He owns Top Gun Investigations, a Florida based, international investigative services firm.


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Because what you don’t know… CAN hurt you!!

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